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Quality Products

As a local owned and managed South African company, SAFELINE understands the unique healthcare needs in our country. We believe that you, as the healthcare provider, would only choose the highest quality products for your patients, and we are proud that we are able to source superior Neonatal and Anaesthetic products from reputable manufacturers in the USA, the UK, Europe and India to benefit patients in South Africa.

SAFELINE has supplied state tenders and private group formularies for more than a decade and this is further proof of our high standards of service excellence and the quality of our products.

CME Support

At SAFELINE we are passionate about CME and we are proud to support the healthcare sector in hosting accredited functions for healthcare professionals as well as to provide assistance to various local CME events around the country each year. Feel free to browse our website for the latest CME news and photos.

We invite you to register as a healthcare professional on our website.

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