General anaesthesia gives a state of controlled unconsciousness.

This is the technique used to put you to sleep in order to perform various types of surgery. With General Anaesthesia, the Anaesthetist will ensure that you remain sleeping throughout the procedure and that you do not feel any pain or discomfort.

The anaesthetic is performed using a variety of different medicine, depending on the type of procedure being performed.

The anaesthetic medicine are administered via a mask (Inhalational anaesthetic) and intravenous medicine are injected into the vein.

Once the surgery has been completed, the anaesthetist will discontinue the administration of anaesthetic medicine and wake the patient. The patient should have no memory of the procedure and should be pain-free as a result of pain medication being administered prior to wake-up.

Once the anaesthetist is satisfied that the patient's condition is stable, the patient is returned to the ward.

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